Project of the desk BOW T, 2013.

1st prize in Nayada Competition Arch-Challenge FLEX OFFICE 2013

I believe that in a modern office it needs less storage space , now almost all the information stored in electronic form.Of course, this does not excepted a paper work instead of a work by a computers . But literature and overall things could be saved in a shelf or a cabinet.


When I was thinking about this project I was trying to realise it could be a workplace for my own workspace for my job. I was trying to observe my workplace, my tabletop — like what I really need for my job and what things are disturbing me.


It turned out that the right things are not really so much. For another things like catalogues, magazines, and a folders of samples there is a shelf or a rack.

I think it’s important from time to time to change the interior due to the movement of furniture in it, so my table can be moved easily. Bow T is movable by pulling it by the hole in front of the desktop. So my table is quite flexible.


The tabletop is made of bent plywood (thickness of 20-24 mm). It fixed to the legs of the table, made ​​of the painted bent pipes.

At the back of the desktop there is a constructive recess with the little shelf, which could be folded some stationery or a paper sheets, for example.


There is also the hole for a wires. There is also the hole for a wires. In front of the tabletop there is the hole for which the table can be moved. The rear frame is also made ​​of a plywood, which are attached to the wheels (that also made ​​of a painted plywood) so that makes the table mobile.


In the frame inserted the colored translucent glass panel. It creates an effect of a privacy and through this pannel is possible to see what’s going on on the back front. And what is usefull — a stickers and a notes could be attached on this glass panell. Also in the frame on the inside I’m supposed to make a LED — backlight